Making sewing more fun

When I bought my sewing machine, the shop assistant said something that made me think: “Sewing is such a solitary hobby. You need a machine that makes it more fun.” Well, she was definitely right about the latter half of the statement. My machine is the most fun gadget I have ever bought, easily more exciting than my smartphone or my GPS-watch. I’ve loved every minute with Bobby-Sew so far … that’s the name of my machine. You’ve got to give them a name, right? Actually, that probably tells you how lonely a sewer can be. If you have to humanise your tools to feel more sociable.

I don’t have any friends who sew. Because I’ve only just started sewing properly (if there is such a thing as improper sewing), my friends are still awwwing and squealing over everything I make but I’m sure that will turn into “oh, you’ve made another skirt. Nice.” soon. My sister sews and we exchange pics of our projects. So that’s one person. Still quite lonely, isn’t it?

So, I’ve decided to write a blog. On here, I will let you witness my progress from relative beginner to (hopefully, one day) amazing seamstress. I look forward to receiving feedback and tips from more experienced sewers and I hope I’ll be able to provide some advice and encouragement to other beginners.

If all goes well, I’ll soon have lots of sewing friends and won’t turn into a loner who only talks to her machine. (Also, Bobby-Sew has been a bit off with me since I scratched her with my scissors the other day.)

So excited,



2 thoughts on “Making sewing more fun

  1. Wow, what a true statement. I spend more time at my sewing machine than with any friends haha! Sewing really is a wonderful hobby, there are infinite possibilities of what you can make! Best of luck, and have fun!


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