Challenging myself with summer shorts

I’m ready for summer. Typically, I made these shorts during some of the warmest days of the year and summer ended just as I’d finished the shorts.

Summer Shorts - Pattern: New Look 6873_E
Summer Shorts – Pattern: New Look 6873_E

I don’t actually wear a lot of trousers or shorts so really making a skirt or dress would have made more sense but I wanted a challenge. In April, I took part in a three-week intensive sewing course. And intensive it was. By the end my wrists hurt. I knew I learned a lot but being me I wasn’t sure how much of it had really got lodged in my brain. I guess I was worried that for three weeks all I had done was do what our teacher had told me to do but that I hadn’t actually understood why I was doing it.

So I needed a project that would prove to me (it’s always me I have to prove things to) that I can sew on my own. I’d never followed a pattern before so New Look 6873 was going to be just the right level of difficulty. And to my surprise it was a lot of fun – even the headscratching bits!

Sewing the waistband onto the shorts: easily the hardest bit of the project.
Sewing the waistband onto the shorts: easily the hardest bit of the project.

Getting the waistband on the right way was the most difficult bit. I think I had made it harder for myself by choosing a fabric with a directional pattern. (How cute are these seashells though?) In the end, there was only one way to figure it out: putting on the shorts and wrapping the waistband pieces around me. To my surprise that worked and sewing them in place was easy compared to figuring out where they went. Even attaching the belt carriers was pretty straight-forward.

Shorts_d_May 2015

The pattern suggested buttons on the front of the waistband but I decided that my fabric was too busy for buttons. So I chose hook and bar fasteners instead. But I did want buttons on the cuffs and I found the perfect ones:

The perfect button for my shorts

My friend and I went to a knitting fair the same week I made the shorts and I found those buttons at one of the stalls.

I guess while  I wait for warmer days, I’ll make a few dresses and skirts too. It’s good to be prepared, right?

Very proud,



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