“Quick and easy” fabric mice

Since I started sewing, my friends and family have been on the look out for things I could sew. Sometimes it’s things they would like me to sew for them, sometimes it’s just something they think would be fun to make. Or “quick and easy” as my mum described these little mice she found in a magazine:

taken from German magazine bella
taken from German magazine bella

I can tell you they are neither quick nor easy but they are good fun. Maybe they would be easier to make if you made them really big but if you are making small ones, they are incredibly fiddly.

The pattern – so far so good.

The mice consist of two side pieces and one bottom piece, plus two little ear pieces. Sewing the sides together is easy enough if you’re happy with sewing curves. The only thing to remember is to insert the tail (I used three lengths of yarn plaited together) and a folded piece of ribbon if you are making the mice into keyrings like I did. Attaching the bottom piece to the two side pieces is the tricky bit because you are attaching the curved bottom piece to the straight edge of the side pieces – while trying not to catch the long tail in the seam. This wouldn’t be so hard either if the mouse was huge but no one wants a keyring the size of a doorstopper.

You have to leave a gap somewhere to be able to stuff the mouse. The instructions in the magazine told me to leave a gap in the seam that connects the bottom to the sides but I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to leave a gap at the top. I might try that next time.

Once you have stuffed the mouse and hand-sewn the gap shut, you can attach the ears. I usually cut them from stiff felt so they stand on the mouse rather than hang off it, which would be appropriate if you were making a dachshund but you’re making a mouse. You will have to sew on the ears by hand and make the tiniest of stitches so they can hardly be seen.

The last thing we need to do is sew on some eyes. So far I have experimented with sequins, beads and satin stitch. Depending on the size of your mouse, tiny buttons would probably look cute too. I think I prefer the satin stitch because I can choose the size (I found sequins too big and beads too small – so hard to please, me) and I have a bigger choice of colours because of my vast embroidery thread stash.

Mäuschen_April 2015And that’s it. See, written down it does sound rather quick and easy. Try it yourself and let me know how it felt to you.

Good luck!



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