Pirate mouse

The other day I showed you how to make little fabric mice. Today I’ll show you how creative you can be with them.Pirate mouse

My dad is your typical heavy metal fan: tough on the outside, cuddly soft on the inside. So a pirate mouse made out of skull and crossbones fabric seemed like the obvious choice for his Father’s Day present. And he loved it – although the present was almost two weeks late. I do feel like a bad daughter seeing this written black on white so here is my defence: I live in England, my parents live in Germany. Mother’s and Father’s Days are celebrated on different dates in these countries. So while every English person would find it difficult to forget that the big day is coming up while being bombarded with adverts for flowers and cards, I get no reminders whatsoever. (I could of course set my own reminders at the beginning of the year and I promise myself to do so each year.) This year, Father’s Day in Germany was particularly early. I had (for once) remembered that Mother’s Day is always on the second Sunday in May but I would never have guessed that Father’s Day would fall into the same week this year. It did. I thought I had until June. Argh.

Anyway, as I said, my dad is a big softie and loved his little mouse and this way it was a surprise at least.

Piratenmäuschen_May 2015_b

The fabric used to be a bandana that I picked up from a vintage shop years ago. I always knew it would turn into a gift for my dad but until this year I lacked inspiration. I added red felt ears and a red and black tail made from embroidery thread. I also embroidered red eyes and finally added the most important detail: an eye patch made from black felt. It’s clearly a pirate mouse now.

I attached the keyring to a card I made from a pair of old jeans.

After years of denial, I have finally accepted that these jeans will never fit me again. 
After years of denial, I have finally accepted that these jeans will never fit me again. I might as well cut them up and give them a new purpose. 

I placed the folded card on top and cut around it. Because I chose to use a pocket, I zigzagged around the cut edges of the card to close any gaps and stop the fabric from fraying. Jeans Karte_May 2015_b

I then glued the jeans onto the card. (Once again moaning that I should have bought a glue gun ages ago because I never have one when I need one. Luckily, good old UHU worked just as well.)

Jeans Karte_May 2015_cJeans Karte_May 2015_d

Now I could attach the keyring to the card!

IMGP0103So in the end, everybody was happy: an old bandana and a pair of jeans found a new purpose, I made use of my creativity and Papa got a surprise gift on a random Wednesday.

If you have any ideas what I could do with the rest of the jeans, let me know. I’m thinking maybe a bag?

Meike xx


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