When I’m not sewing, I’m painting spoons.

Delft spoon
Delft spoon

It all started last January when my boyfriend brought a teaspoon round and asked me to decorate it. Sounds a bit nuts but there was a reason for the request. He runs the office tea club and is responsible for stocking up on tea, coffee, milk, sugar and teaspoons. Now, the teaspoons kept going missing and new ones had to be bought almost every month. A bit too often for a reusable item. Let’s assume, office workers don’t steal teaspoons. It’s more likely that they leave them on their desks instead of returning them to the tea and coffee club table and in the evening the cleaner thinks they belong to the cafeteria and takes them away. The passive aggressive solution was to make the spoons prettier than your average multi-pack teaspoon to make them stand out from the common teaspoons. And if people were stealing teaspoons, they might stop short of nicking the pretty ones.

The first one I decorated had a simple stripy pattern in red, white and blue. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of it. When this spoon lasted a whole week without going missing for longer than a few hours, I painted the Delft inspired spoon at the top of this page.

One of these spoons has since disappeared (I’m not sure which one) but both hung around for a lot longer than the regular spoons. So my boyfriend has now ordered another spoon. I went for red roses on pink stripes:

Red roses on pink stripes
Red roses on pink stripes

I might make another one, just in case. I am enjoying this new hobby. Because I have to let each layer of paint dry before I add to it, I have to paint them in stages and take my time, which is quite relaxing. I also never thought I was any good at drawing and painting but I found that I’m not too bad at simple designs and most importantly I love doing it.

Give it a try!



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