Mama gets her dress

While I’m still working on my 1940s blouse (I successfully slip-stitched the neck binding only to find out that the sleeves are finished with slip-stitch bindings as well! Still, it’ll look beautiful – any day now), the dress I made for my mother has now arrived in Germany and it fits! You may have seen that I sent over a Swedish tracing paper toile first and we’re all relieved that the actual dress doesn’t look anything as tent-like.

Mama's A-line dress_June 2015_6

I think it fits perfectly. I was particularly worried about the sleeves as they were a bit tight in the toile but Swedish tracing paper is a little bit on the stiff side.

Mama likes the pockets - who doesn't like a pocket or two?
Mama likes the pockets – who doesn’t like a pocket or two?

The fabric was lovely to work with. It’s a pima cotton lawn from Croft Mill (where else – I’m addicted) and I originally chose it for it’s subtle flower pattern. Mama’s brief was “not too bright, flowers yes, but small ones and colours that I would wear and not the ones you like” – something like that. I might have told her about the lime green cotton sateen I had just bought at this point and she was obviously a little concerned… But we were both very happy with the cream-beige flowers on navy design. The fabric is super-light and thin, perfect for summer and perfect for sending from England to Germany in an envelope. AND it wasn’t creased when it got there! That’s not why we picked it but, hey: bonus!

The pattern was New Look 6340 and it was super easy and super quick to sew up. I’m considering making myself one – once I’ve finished the blouse.

Enjoy the dress, Mama!

Meike x

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