Spotty Agnes top

Happy New Year! Surely, it’s not too late for wishing everybody a good 2016. It might be a bit late for the first post of the year and it’s certainly very late if you consider when I posted the last time but let’s start from scratch and not worry about that. Hopefully I can share my makes more regularly this year.

It’s not like I haven’t been sewing for months. I’ve certainly managed to squeeze in a few garments. So let’s go back to when it was still nice and sunny and you could sit in the garden in the fabulous jersey top you’d just made. As my last post dealt with a t-shirt pattern I wasn’t that happy with, I am pleased to tell you that I loved the next one I worked with!

Spotted Agnes Top_August 2015_e
My spotted Agnes top

This is Agnes by Tilly and the Buttons. Adorable, right? I unashamedly went for the same fabric design as the one on the promo pics and chose black dots on white. However, the jersey I used is most likely a lot cheaper. I bought it on Goldhawk Road for a few quid a metre and now that I see these pictures I can tell why it was so cheap. Admittedly, I have worn the top quite a lot since I made it in September but it is shocking how much baggier it looks now! That’s OK though. I only bought the fabric to practise on. I guess I didn’t think I would produce a top that I would want to wear all the time. Good excuse to buy new jersey fabric and make another one, I say!

Spotted Agnes Top_August 2015_a

I went for the ruched sleeves – because I’m secretly a princess. You simply sew some elastic to the inside of the sleeve and it ruches up the fabric for you. Don’t you love simple techniques that result in cute effects? The pattern lets you do the same on the front and I do like the option of the ruched sweetheart neckline but I was a bit worried it would emphasise my bosom too much. (It already feels too big for my narrow frame.)

Having had such a nightmare with the neckline on my first t-shirt attempt, I was thrilled with how Agnes fits me perfectly around neck and shoulders and how easy it was to sew on the neckband. The pattern’s instructions are very easy to follow but I was still impressed that I got the neckband to lie flat on the first attempt.

Spotted Agnes Top_August 2015_b

I am sure this will not be my last Agnes. Maybe a long-sleeve version next so I can wear it throughout the rest of winter.

Stay warm!



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