Paint Splash Jersey Dress

Yesterday I treated myself to an hour of organising my stash. I am fairly good (out of necessity rather than will power) and I rarely buy fabric just because I like it. I usually have a project in mind and then I go and buy fabric that suits whatever I’m planning to make. If I do buy fabric on the spur of the moment, I at least always know what I could use it for. Of course, what then happens is that I get lost in the planning stages and never actually make the garment the fabric was intended for. Sometimes I have so many things in the pipeline that I can’t decide which one to start with and then I get stuck. Or I plan to make something for a special occasion, I then run out of time and in the end I have to panic-buy an RTW dress. Of course, that’s all going to change in 2016!

One of the garments that came together within weeks of buying the fabric was my Paint Splash Jersey Dress. This must be one of the makes I wear most often (maybe a close second to the Spotty Agnes top).

Paint Splash Jersey Dress_August 2015_i (2).JPG

It fits snuggly without being too tight and it looks like you’ve made an effort to dress up but at the same time it’s incredibly comfy.

The fabric is ex-designer, bought on Goldhawk Road. I can never remember the names of the shops on that street but it’s the very narrow one that feels cramped if there are more than three customers in it, especially as they have at least five shop assistants working at a time. I spotted the fabric on the shelf behind the counter when I was already on my way out. I’m so glad I did. I particularly like the dark green patches. Some of the smaller splashes are slightly raised and velvety… I know there’s a word for this… Ah well, I’ll remember it tonight at 3am.

The pattern is Burda 6910 from their super easy range. And it’s true. This dress was very easy to sew. The only problem I had was the neckband and I think it might be a drafting error because I don’t seem to be the only one who had this problem. As I understand it the neckband should be 2-3″ smaller than the neck opening if it’s a stretch fabric. That way you will stretch the band to fit the opening and it will lie perfectly flat.

Paint Splash Jersey Dress_August 2015_e
I can’t help it. I’m bloody proud of this neckline.

To achieve this I had to cut the neckband shorter than the pattern. Luckily that’s easy to do. I also shortened the dress because I’m only little and long dresses make me look frumpy. One problem I usually have is that I have to move the waist up because my upper body is apparently shorter than others’. I didn’t need to do this with this dress because it has elastic on each side that pulls in the waist for you. It also create nice little waves around your tummy – perfect for big dinners!

Paint Splash Jersey Dress_August 2015_g (2).JPG

To achieve this, you simply sew some stretched elastic onto the seam allowances. When you let go of the elastic, it pulls together the fabric and created a ruffled effect. It’s the same technique that you’ve already seen in last week’s post, the Agnes top.

There you go: one of my favourites from 2015. Looking at these photos I am tempted to make another one. Guess what, I do have some suitable fabric in my stash.

Stay comfy!



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