My favourite marking gadget

I don’t know if it’s ironic or logical that the better you get at sewing the more tools you need. Clearly, improved sewing skills do not equal the ability to make-do with what you have but the desire to buy more and more stuff. I have been using the same pins for a year but suddenly I feel like they are just not good enough. And it’s not even because I’m now sewing with more expensive fabric. Nope. It’s pure greed.

Sadly, I can’t afford to buy many gadgets at the moment so my wishlist for Christmas included only sewing-related pressies. And Santa was very generous. Not only did I get my first overlocker, which I will have to introduce to you another time, I also got a rotary cutter with cutting mat and ironing surface, a quilting ruler, Tilly’s wonderful book “Love at First Stitch”, which I can’t wait to make something from, various buttons and threads, a double tracing wheel and tracing paper AND my absolute favourite:


My favourite: Chalk Cartridge Set

This is the Chalk Cartridge Set by hoechstmass. So what have we learned today? Germans are good at making cars, washing machines and marking tools. Clearly.

Seriously though, it’s made my life so much easier. I used to hate marking up my fabric pieces and it still isn’t my favourite activity. It just adds on so much time to the cutting-out process and I’m not a big fan of that bit either. I always just want to get straight to the fun part of making up the garment. And how frustrating are some of the other tools? Tailors chalk crumbles and isn’t precise enough. Those silly pencils just don’t draw on anything – at least not on anything I’ve tried them on. (Actually, there are some that work beautifully: Hancocks Cloth Marking Pencils are amazing but so expensive! When I win the lottery, they’ll be on my shopping list, until then…) I do like my air-soluble pen but it’s only good for short-term markings. I like to mark up every piece straight after cutting it out. This way I can’t forget to do it and the paper pattern is still in the right place. Since there can often be several days between cutting out and sewing up, I need something more permanent for most markings.

Enter the chalk cartridge pen. It is accurate, tidy, well-visible, lasting – what more does a stitching girl need?  The set comes with several colours and the cartridges are dead-easy to change. I chose a bright green to mark up this blue and purple fabric and the green dots are clearly visible inbetween the fabric’s dots.

It also draws beautifully even and straight lines.


So my advice would be: Throw out all those pencils and bits of crumbly chalk and get one of these babies. You won’t regret it.

After all, you can never have too many gadgets, can you?

Happy marking!


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