Cartoon Pillow Cases

I have a bad habit – OK, I have a few but let’s focus on this one for now. Apparently, I take up too much space in the bed I share with my boyfriend. (I say “apparently” because despite my boyfriend’s constant moaning about it, I am still to see any hard evidence of this and he is the only person who has ever complained about it… Not that I have shared a bed with that many people… I better stop digging this particular hole.) This habit has earned me the nickname “Bumdozer” – which is a bit harsh, I think, because I have absolutely no control over my sleeping behaviour. I have tried to explain this to my boyfriend on several grumpy mornings but so far with little success.

Using the whole issue as inspiration for a Valentine’s Day gift was a risky strategy but I usually find it hard to let go of an idea once I’ve fallen in love with it, no matter how risky or stupid.

So, this is my attempt to make light of the situation and at the same time explain why I might be a bed-hogger. You see, I think I do it out of affection. I just want to get close to him. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

The creative process started with an Etsy search. I think I typed in something like “couple bedding”. Eventually I ended up in a shop called Boldloft and saw these couple mugs:


Cute, eh? I kept coming back to this design and knew I wanted something similar for my V-Day present.

I spent an evening drawing the stick figures and ended up with a surprisingly cute sketch. I always thought I couldn’t draw but clearly stick figures are within my reach. I turned the two figures around so it’s the guy holding the magnet and I also tried to make them look like me and my boyfriend.

V-Day Sketch_Feb 2016_1

I then bought fabric pens and plain pillow cases. I placed the sketches into the pillow cases and traced the design with the fabric pens. All of which was surprisingly easy and fun!

V-Day Pillow cases_Feb 2016_1b

I love them! My boyfriend might need a bit more time to appreciate them fully – apparently, he got hardly any sleep last night…

Happy V-Day!


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